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Ford s max key fob not working

Program Ford keys made easy. All the information you need to know how to program a new Ford key without the original, how to make a duplicate, which keys you can program yourself, procedures, what you should know before and more. Introduction to programming Ford keys and remotes key fobs. Ford keyless entry remotes — All you need to know. How does it help us program a new Ford key? Tips for programming your new key. How to add a duplicate Ford key once you already have a working key?

How to program Ford key fobs or remotes? How to program a keyless entry remote for Ford models? All you need to know.

Keyless Start - Reprogramming Key?

Making a new key for Ford models takes time and money. While cutting the actual key require help from an outside source like the dealer or an automotive locksmith, programming the key can be done easily. The process of making a new key to start the car involved, basically, two phases:. You can call the dealer or a locksmith to cut the key for you. Keep in mind, you will have to provide proof of ownership and the VIN number.

Most of Ford models made in the past 20 years are equipped with some sort of transponder security feature. Alternatively, for some models, you can do it yourself. The instruction below shows you how to program the new key yourself without any special equipment or help from an outside source.

Programming a new key when you do not have a working key only possible for Models with a PATS1 system. Here is the list of models that have PATS1 system: Ford ContourExpeditionoptional transponderMustang optional transponderMystique optional transponderNavigatorSable optional transponderTaurus The rest of the transponder keys are for PATSOriginal Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Keyless Start - Reprogramming Key?

I have a Ford Focus with keyless start and having just swapped the battery in my key fob it no longer works I do have a spare so no great problem, but I do want to get it working.

Having looked online and the manual I have seen lots of instructions about turning the ignition to position II 4 times etc, the problem I have is that there is no ignition barrel.

I did always think it was just hidden behind a plastic cover but having removed the cover there is nothing there!

WelshSutty 1 posts 66 months. Dogwatch 5, posts months. For keyless systems to re synchronise the key: Remove remote from vehicle,lock using the door button. Or for just re-programming you just press the start button in place of turning the key,with the clutch depressed and follow the instructions as per bladed key.

Thanks for the replies. I have since found out that though there is no key slot behind the cover where the ignition is you can insert the whole key fob into a space there and the car will read the chip in it and allow you to start the engine. So if your key fob battery is flat you can use the key blade inside the fob to open the door, then slot the fob in the ignition slot and push the start button.

ford s max key fob not working

The other thing I have learnt from this is when Mrs Alcad provides me with a replacement battery to check where she has got it from. Has it seems the new one I put in the fob was actually totally flat. No surprise as she has since told me it was from a large blister pack of batteries from the pound shop! That's why the key wouldn't open the doors or start the car, a decent battery purchase later and it all works fine - No reprogramming needed. A battery change shouldn't require all that faffing about.

Program Ford Keys

Remove old cell, insert fresh cell of reputable make and reassemble key fob. Job done! Assuming the new cell is recently purchased, has it been installed the right way up? Howard- 4, posts months. Better check out my '11 Focus!

No Key Detected. Resetting your system.

I too understood there was a key slot under the circular cover on the right hand side of the steering column. If not why do they supply a fold out key? ColinK2 5 posts 72 months. Transponder is OK, if remote held to side of steering column. Tried all instructions online to reset the key.

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I have been told that with a suitable OBD programming tool Forscan. Any other solutions? Is the battery definitely good and installed the right way up? Note that the diagram can be misleading - I bought a Focus with a non-working fob, opened it up, checked the battery against the diagram and it all looked OK, tested the battery with a multimeter and there was a good output. I was about to bin the key, when I decided to put the battery in the other way up.

It's worked fine ever since! Changing the battery on these should not require any reprogramming. Jammyone 1 posts 27 months. This certainly worked for me, a line runs across the info screen from left to right which seems to indicate programming is taking place.

JohnWest posts months.We use cookies to make the site easier to use. Read our cookies policy. Household Bills. About the site. MSE's Editorial Code. How we're financed. Martin's blog.

New Post. Go to Category. Grabbit while you can It's Gone, but was it any good? I won! Coronavirus: The latest from MSE The MSE team is working extremely hard to keep the info we have about your travel rights, cancellation rights, sick pay and more up to date. Hi Guys, had a thread on motoring forum ref my car key buttons stopping working and looks now like I may need an auto spark to reprogram or get me a key, really dont want to go to ford and have tried everything on the forum.

Anyone any further ideas which may fix, or a good recommendation for an auto spark to fix at a reasonable cost? GlynD PPR Have you tried changing the battery in the key fob? That was all it needed. Yeah tried new cr batteries which it takes, still no joy. The fact it beeps when I press button in learn mode makes me believe the battery is fine too.

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I'd be inclined to bite the bullet then and take it to a Ford Main Dealer. You'd need to be sure it isn't the key that's at fault. Not sure if this would workbut on some cars you have to open the door with the key and press the "open" button on the fob a few times to sync itwhen you change the batteries.

I had similar problem with my mk1 03 focus a good while ago. I'd tried recoding the key in the car myself with the master key with no luck. Then I came across instructions which resets the receiver control box which does the unlocking.

Like most technology which is permanently on it seems it can play up after a while and needs reset. This worked for me! Look under the drivers side dashboard. This is the remote control signal box. Remove the cables attached to it and leave it for approx 1hr. Go back to the car after an hour and put the cables back in. Its an easy job and you cant go wrong.

ford s max key fob not working

It will work straight away. Mines been fine and works perfect since. Thanks Quixers, cant find any boxes under driver side dashboard, its mostly taken up with steering wheel and pedals, anywhere else it could be? Try this - works for me when I replace battery in key fob: With the key in the ignition, turn the ignition on to the I position, then off and then again three times, then once more and leave it at I.

A beep will sound showing that the system is set to program.

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Now press the unlock button on the remote. Press the unlock button on any other remotes that you have to program at the same time.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Recent Forum Topics:. Google Translate:. Ford Galaxy Mk3 Forum:. Author Topic: Key fob stopped working!! Read times. Today Saturday 2nd may my key fob unlocked car as normal I drove to the shops parked up got out and "locked" car but nothing happened I tried several times no joy so I manually locked it.

Got home and put fresh battery in still no joy. I've changed the 5amp fuse in central fuse box but still nothing?!?! Any idea guys?? Thanks gregers for the reply. I've tried the reprogram method ie insert key turn to position 2 then back four times remove key press any button insert again turn to position 2 back to 0 and it should be done but no joy!! Thanks for the help it's greatly appreciated.

Thanks gregers as you can tell I'm not too familiar with a few things. I've put new battery in an checked circuit board visually looks fine strange thing is spare key doesn't work either haven't put fresh battery in spare though and still no joy. Done the reprogramming technique but nothing!! Could it be something within the car maybe? I've put fresh fuses in too!!!

Thanks for any replies to hopefully shed some light on this. Don't you have to program all the keys in one go?

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All for a pint of Strongbow. The FordMPV. Chrispb not too sure matey I'll certainly give it a go in the morning. When you say "all in one go" I presume you mean do one key then immediately do the other? Went to the car this morning unlocked it via the door mechanism using spare key didn't sit in seat just put key in ignition an proceeded to do the re-programme technique and hey presto it worked!! Strange as didn't work the other day only difference is I unlocked car then sat in then done it.

Which means either I've missed some sort of time window or you can't be sat in seat to do it??The other day my fob stopped working. Seeing as I've had the car 4 years and not ever changed the battery in the fob, I just assumed it was dead so I changed the battery for another today, but it didn't do the trick.

My dad tested the battery I originally had in the fob and it was in fully working order, so it was not dead. I'm lazy and prefer locking the car with the remote buttons on my key rather than using the key hole. Edit: I have no clue about these types of things, but this is the only key I have for my car I decided against getting another, too expensive! My key fob also went a bit wrong, and has done a couple times if the battery is disconnected.

Give this a try. Have browsed the site a bit before, however I just wanted to check in and say thank you for the information at the bottom of this post. After being in the garage for a dpf change, my 09 diesel focus after about two days stopped working with the remote key locking you could unlock and start the car with key, just not using the remote.

I thought it must be a fuse or electrical issue as it seemed strange that it didn't happen immediately, so never suspected it being sure to a disconnected battery. I am having a similar problem with my MK7 fiesta key fob but unfortunately there does appear to be some damage to the PCB inside of it which is most likely why it has stopped working.

I was wondering if it would be possible to program a new untouched fob the way that is mentioned above? My key fob for ford edge just stopped working. I tried the method described here and it worked beautifully! Thank you so much for the information!

ford s max key fob not working

I unlocked the door with the key, then turned the key to the first position and off again about 6 times. Worked like a charm!

I replaced the battery in the fob and still nothing. I do not have a keyhole on the vehicle to be able to unlock and attempt reprogramming.

We have a Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. On Sunday our key fob quit. We replaced the batteryof course, first. So we got the book out and "reprogrammed" the remote. It did everything it was supposed to, locked, unlocked. All that happy stuff. The remote didn't work. I just tried it again this morning, the 8 times turning the ignition, and it all did what it was supposed to again.

It works when I push the button during the whole reprogramming part but not for it's intended purpose. Is it just DEAD???This is a really easy one. It depends on what type of Ford you have. The transponder chips are excellent quality. Read more below. The immobiliser works by preventing the starter motor, among other things, from working. There is an immobiliser light on early Fords.

There are three things the Ford immobiliser light will do. Normal operation. With no keys in the ignition, or the car locked up, the red light will flash once every second. This is normal and means the immobiliser is set. When you turn the ignition on, the red light should come on for a second then go out. Immobiliser light flashing. This time, when you turn the ignition on, the light flashes very quickly, about four times faster than before. If this happens then the car does not recognise the key.

Sometimes, if a Ford Focus or Mondeo has been stood for a long time and the battery has gone flat, the car forgets the keys. Immobiliser light solid red. The car will not crank and this will look like a key problem. Even though Ford keys are excellent, there are a couple of exceptions to look for. About ten years ago, the clever people at the key factories managed to work out how to clone the key, just like Dolly the sheep, remember her?

There are more Ford cars in the UK than any other make, and so more Ford cloned keys than any other. We started to see problems with Ford car keys caused by cloned keys and they are still a major issue, in our opinion.

Compare this with any French key on Citroen and Peugeot cars and we see them every week! These have a new type of chip, that is on all french vehicles and the scourge of the motor trade. When this type of key is dropped and damaged, the chip does fail and the van will not start. Look for a flashing immobiliser light and no crank.

Smax key re-program

Yes, most likely you need a new key. The newer Ford cars do not have an immobiliser light. They have a display that will tell you what the problem is. If you need a new Key battery, check out our Resources page which will take you to our Amazon Store. The increase in proximity smart keys is causing a big problem for owners. However, before you spend a lot of money on one, make sure you put a new car key battery inside.

What a stupid idea. Another common reason for this message is poor car key battery choice. All these keys need a good quality CRand anything without a good brand should be thrown in the bin!

Well recycled in a car key battery facility!In this article, we will show you how you can open the door on your Ford using the metal blade. This is necessary if the car battery has died and you need to manually open the car in order to access the car battery in your Ford.

If your metal key won't unlock the driver's door try inserting the key in and out a few times. If that doesn't work spray penetrating oil in the keyhole and retry. Can't unlock Ford Fusion with a dead battery.

ford s max key fob not working

I changed the batteries in the key fab but my car still won't cut on. I changed the batteries in tha key fab but my car still won't cut on. Read More. Search Content Search Content. Instructions If you have the intelligent remote you will need to open it up to access the metal key.

On the back of the remote, there is a release switch. Otherwise, press the key release button to flip out the metal blade. Log in or register to post comments.

Ford focus central locking key stopped working, any ideas?!?

Dislike 0. This happened to me as well. Got metal key from fob on UK Fiesta Van, but no hidden slot??? Dead car battery in ford explorer emergency key does not turn Log in or register to post comments. Spray penetrating oil in the key tumbler. Slide the metal key in and out a few times. That should allow you to unlock it. Figo model door lock and not open by manually Log in or register to post comments. My figo car model door locked and not open by remote or manually.

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